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You see your doctor for your checkups to make sure your body stays healthy or to take care of any problems you may have. The same should go for your smile. Regular visits with our dentists are key to a healthy smile and body. To learn more about our options for general and family dentistry in Murphy and Wylie, Texas, please follow the links below. To get started on improving your smile, call Citrus Smiles today at 972-472-8862.

General and family dentistry is a term that covers a variety of treatments that are available at our dental studio. These treatments are designed to help keep your smile strong and healthy or to address minor (or in some cases, not-so-minor) oral health issues. In fact, visits with our dentists can keep small problems from getting worse, or better yet, keep them from occurring at all. This can save you discomfort, time in the dental chair and even money. While we always want to see you for your checkups, you should also feel free to contact our team any time you feel discomfort, or if you discover something out of the ordinary with your teeth or the soft tissues of your mouth. Our dentists and team look forward to meeting you and discussing your possible treatment options.